Cabin Boy

That's a new one to me.
It's water, ain't it?

We gave you a carton of chocolate milk.
What else you want?

All right, Geronimo.
Let's get your ass out there.

And in about a week,
when your shift is over, give
this rope a tug and we'll haul you in.

Well, I'm off.

Not crazy about the idea.
- Send us a postcard, Daisy.
- Bon voyages. [ Laughing ]

Great idea, Skipper.
Finally, some peace and quiet.

[ Men Laughing ]
Water, boom-boom.

Hot sun, water.
What's another word for it?

It's Dullsville.

I hate it. I hate it.
I hate it.

I hate it. I hate it.
[ Exhales, Panting ]
Oh, it's hot.
I'm burning up. There's gotta be
some lotion in here.

What's this? Cooking oil.
Maybe that's nature's moisturizer.

Ohhh, that should do it.
About a number 15
it feels like. Ooo-kay.

[ Searing ]
What are you doing here?
He didn't know--
Boo! Boo! Bow!

[ Babbling ]
- Boo.
- [ Squeaking ]

It's lunchtime.
Yeah, it's lunchtime.

Let's get something to eat.
Come on.

Yeah, let's have our good friend.
We'll have our--

It's a pretty color.
[ Deep Voice ] But it don't
taste pretty. Uh-uh. Oooh.

I need something to drink fast.
Come on! Come on. Come on.

Aaa-aaah. Aaah.