Cabin Boy

[ Deep Voice ]
He did it.

There. Now here's something
your fancy ass can't screw up.

And don't quit until every, square inch
of this deck is clean...

as a church piss house.
[ Laughing ]

[ Men Laughing ]
Oddly enough, it kind of tastes
like marzipan. Huh, go figure.

Aaaw. Aaaw.
I'm sorry,. Could you explain
this chore to me one more time?

It's a little something
we call ""outward watch.''

Here's how it works:
We'll let out some rope
so you can drift along behind us.

All you gotta do is keep
your eyes open for other boats,
cars, flying saucers, shit like that.

And exactly, how much rope
are you gonna let out,
about ten feet or so?

Two miles worth.
That sounds a trifle peculiar
but I suppose you're the experts.

Hey, one more thing? Is it true
it's unsafe to drink seawater?

That's a new one to me.
It's water, ain't it?

We gave you a carton of chocolate milk.
What else you want?

All right, Geronimo.
Let's get your ass out there.

And in about a week,
when your shift is over, give
this rope a tug and we'll haul you in.

Well, I'm off.

Not crazy about the idea.
- Send us a postcard, Daisy.
- Bon voyages. [ Laughing ]

Great idea, Skipper.
Finally, some peace and quiet.

[ Men Laughing ]
Water, boom-boom.

Hot sun, water.
What's another word for it?

It's Dullsville.

I hate it. I hate it.
I hate it.

I hate it. I hate it.
[ Exhales, Panting ]
Oh, it's hot.