Cabin Boy

It was like honey
from the lips of an angel.

[ Belches ]
- Bless you.
- Ahhh.

Oh, Cappy, tell me
about all of this.

Tell me about the sea.
What does it mean to you?

Basically, money. I come from
six generations of seamen.

All with the same goal in life: Catch
fish, sell 'em, get drunk and get laid.

- I don't thinkAristotle
could've said it better.
- Uh-huh.

Yeah. You might say I dropped
outta my mama's womb...

with galoshes on my feet
and a fishing rod in my hand.

Ouch. That poor woman.
I don't know, Cappy.
I'm beginning to wonder
if it's really people like you...

who wander the world
like shaggy, unkempt beasts,

who really know
what's important in life.

- Okay, boy. I'm officially sick
of you now. Take off.
- Are you quite sure?

Sometimes if we've had
a little too much to drink
we tend to say the opposite--

- Blow!
- Okay. That'll do it for me.
I'll just move it on out.

[Yawning ]
¶¶ [ Singing In French ]
¶¶ [ Singing Stops ]
[ Thinking ] My Lord,
she's the most beautiful thing
I've ever laid eyes on.

Every, instinct in my lower half
tells me the Holy Father
has preordained our meeting.

Hello, miss!
Miss, excuse me? Geez.
just my luck. I fall in love
for the first time in my life
and it's with a corpse.