Cabin Boy

- Blow!
- Okay. That'll do it for me.
I'll just move it on out.

[Yawning ]
¶¶ [ Singing In French ]
¶¶ [ Singing Stops ]
[ Thinking ] My Lord,
she's the most beautiful thing
I've ever laid eyes on.

Every, instinct in my lower half
tells me the Holy Father
has preordained our meeting.

Hello, miss!
Miss, excuse me? Geez.
just my luck. I fall in love
for the first time in my life
and it's with a corpse.

Huh? What the--
- [ Grunts ]
- What the hell are you doing?

Thank heavens. There's still some life
left in her after all. Thank you, Lord.
I owe you one.

Uh... here.

Aaah, geez.
You idiot! Do you know
what you just did?

- You just ruined my chance
at setting a world's record.
- [ Deep Voice ] Say what?

I was swimming around the world,
Maryland to Maryland.

And I was halfway there
until you blew the whole thing!

No, you were just lying there
like a rat in a swimming pool--

I was sleeping!
And by you yanking me onto
this floating Dumpster,

I violated one of the rules set forth
by the World's Record committee.

""At no time shall a swimmer's body
come in contact with anything solid.''

Yeah, okay. But technically,
I'm not solid. My texture's
much more like moist bread.

Shit. I knew it was bad luck
to swim through Hell's Bucket.