Cabin Boy

He fell for it!
Oh, Skunk, Skunk, you're a genius!

For the ten millionth time,
don't kiss me!

Why must we always
hide our emotions,
Mr. Macho Man?

[ Groaning ]
- Gimme three.
- Three? Very, interesting.

- Paps?
- Six.

It's relaxing up here.

Staring off into the night sky.
Those sparkly, twinkly things.
I forget their technical name.

- Stars.
- Whatever.

Thinking about the future.
What it might bring.

Actually, I was thinking
I'd kill for a cheesesteak
and a bottle of scotch.

[ Laughs ] Oh, Trina. I don't know
why or how this is happening to me,

but I am developing
deep, deep feelings for you...

- despite the fact that you have
the breeding of a carnival barker.
- Lovely.

I must also tell you
that these feelings are not
just of the zipper variety.

- That's a relief.
-[ Flicking Ashes ]

Listen, Nathanial,
I've been working in steel mills
since I was nine years old,

ever since I ran away
from the honor farm.

I'm a drifter
and a loner at heart.

Between forging girders
and swimming,

I don't have a lot
of time for relationships.

Oh, I'm sorry,. I was just thinking how
much fun it is to roast pumpkin seeds.

Did I mention I have
an incredible crush on you?

That's wonderful. I'm flattered when
a psychotic becomes smitten with me.

No problem. But, ah, not another
peep, zip, boop. You need your rest.

We'll continue this tomorrow.
Besides, you're wearing me out
with your incessant babbling.