Cabin Boy

It's in my ear all night.

Well, it was nice almost
communicating with you.

Kiddo, you are ""A'' number one
in my book, you know that?
You are top dollar.

You know, I honestly think
we're onto something here.
Hey, nice shoes. Those--

[ Groans ]
- Bet one.
- See ya.

- I'm in.
- Paps?

- Six.
- Six.

[Teeth Chattering ]
Oh, this makes a lot of sense.
We go to bed a few hours ago,
it's 80 degrees. Now we're
freezin' our tails off.

Hell's Bucket.
No rhyme or reason to it.

That observation's
gettin' a little old.

Oh, Christ!
Take a look.

[ Paps ]
Azure Peak!

[ Nathanial ] Brr! Uh, could
somebody please turn up the heat?

I told the man a thousand times
not to open the window
in the nanny's room.

- Arf, arf, arf!.
- [Yelping ]

[ Giggling ]
Good morning, Paps.

Ooh, my, isn't this weather

Hey, let's make snow angels.
Come on, come!

What're we going to do, Captain?
We can't just sit here
and freeze to death.

No shit!
Okay, moron,

you go stand in the bow
and let us know when
we're coming' close to ice.

Skunk, Ted, you guys stand watch
port and starboard.

Me and Paps will steer through
as best we can. Hey, woman!

Shake your butt outta bed, Thumbelina,
we got a lot of work to do!

Oh, Jesus.
Where the hell are we?

You just stay up there and
keep them mascara-caked eyes
of yours peeled for icebergs.

- Can ya handle that?
- Kiss my ass!

Believe I'll pass on that one,
thank you very, much.