Cabin Boy

[ Sighs ]

Gentlemen, may I talk to you
about a subject which brings me
great embarrassment?

Let me guess.
Your little swimmer friend is
giving you the old freeze job, huh?

I-I just don't get it. She seems
totally uninterested in me,

despite my smothering

Did you ever try,
pattin' her on the ass?
That usually drives 'em wild.

Or dance around the room
in your underwear
till she gets hot.

That's how I got
my last four wives.

- No, it's just no use.
- When it comes to women, I'm just--

I'm all thumbs.
I'm just so stupid!

Mm! Boom! Boom!
Wait a sec.
Come to think of it,

there is someone who could help you
with this problem of yours.

[ Captain ] Oh, Lordy, I know
what you're thinkin; Mr. Skunk.

What? W-W-W-What?
What, what, what?

Well, they say there's a woman
on this very, island...

who's helped many a green,
young cabin boy come of age...

and blossom
into manhood.

In other words, she'll clean
your pipes six ways to Sunday.

- You know what I mean?
- No, but go on.

Well, the downside is,
she isn't real easy to get to.
She lives in a cave up on a cliff.

I don't care.
I'll do whatever it takes
to win over Trina.

How do I get to this woman?
Come on, give me precise
directions, will ya?

Basically, you just saunter
your ass into the jungle.
You'll run into her eventually.

All right, fine.
That's what I'm gonna do then.

Thank you, fellow crewmates,
I'm off. And when I return,
I shall be a cabin man.

ΒΆ[ Humming ]
he's off to meet Calli.

And they never,
ever saw him again.

- The end!
- [ Both Laughing ]