Due South

Don't worry big fella,
you'll have plenty to hunt in here.

Pardon us.
I found the keys.
I'll be right up sir.

Ray - Ray - Ray
Is my lanyard straight?
He's a slum lord.

Up here...
...on the terrace level...
...is where you get
your great view.

Of course it costs a little extra
but worth every penny.

Is there a terrace?
Would you like to see
my references now?

It's like a rap sheet.

No, that's okay.
Mrs. Garcia, [door slams]
Mr. Campbell, [door slams]
Hello Mr. Mustafi, [door slams].
You know these people?
No, I memorized their names from the mailboxes.
Good morning Ms Krezjapolou, [door slams].
It only takes a little extra
effort to be a good neighbor, Ray.

[Door opens]
This is the place.
The furniture,...

...and all of this great stuff is included.
Utilities are extra.
On a good day... you can see
Canada just across the lake.

Canada is four hundred
and eighty miles due North.

You have to really squint.
[Old woman shouts]
Excuse me.
I'll be back.
Dief... go!
He's not some kind of nut, is he?
He's a Mountie.
It's something they do.

Hey Benny, you want to hold up there?
Hey, you taken the place or what?