Due South

Lambert, William.
Age 13.

Quite a little record here Willie.
Seven arrests. First at age ten.
Petty theft. Theft. More theft.

I had to support my mother.
You don't have a mother, kid.

He also has no convictions
so you shouldn't have that list.

We don't need it.
We checked your prints against the gun.
The only ones that come up are yours.
You're going down for this one Willie.

I told you I found it somewhere.
You don't have to tell them nothing.

Well that's true but I'd suggest
it's in Willie's best interest to talk to us.

If you are innocent son,
the police have no reason to incarcerate you.

You're not from around here are you?
I'm suppose to trust you?
Well I think you know you can.
Look. All I know about cops is
all they want to do is just put you away.

All right.
Ray I think we've done all we can here.
Yeah the kid's born mean.
Hey-hey-hey wait a minute.
You're not going to offer me
some kind of deal or something?

All I can give you is my word
that I'll do my best for you.

Not good enough.
She said it.
I understand... Ray?
Too bad kid.
[Door opens]

Good, let him sweat.
Punk'll crack in twenty minutes.
He's scared but he's a pretty tough kid.
I don't think he'll respond to threats.

Nice job Vecchio.
Is that a compliment Jack
or do my ears deceive me.

Oh don't be so hard on yourself, Ray.
Sooner or later you have to solve one case.

Did your Mountie friend help you?
Benton Fraser, Deputy Liaison Officer.

Jack Huey, Louis Gardino, actual detectives.
Or as we call them, Huey and Lewie.
It's Louis, Vecchio
and I don't like your mouth.

Touchy Lewie.
You want to see touchy?

Yeah, I do.
Easy fellas.

If you'll excuse, detective Gardino
and I have a suspect to interrogate.

Thank you.
Hey Jack, that's my pinch.
You talk to this kid without me
and I'll take it to the Lt.

Sure, Ray,
if you think your record will support that.

Go ahead.
Are you maligning my record, Jack?
Hey, we're on the same team.
These men are highly skilled investigators.

I'm sure if they need our help,
they'll ask.