Fear of a Black Hat

Now, why do you need all these guns?
You see, guns...
When they talk about gun control...

they talkin' about taking away
our guns so they can control us.

It ain't that kind of party.
So I'm going to be packing and strapping
because T ain't napping.

What's this one? What is that?
This is a very good choice, little chickadee.
You got eyes for this.
This is an Uzi, fully automatic.

I guess you have to really know
what you're doing to use one.

No, this is a good jammy for beginners.
I mean, this is better
than those auto-focus cameras.

You just spray the area.
Do you know the caliber of all these guns?
Yeah, this one here is
for the little motherfuckers.

This one here is for...
a couple more motherfuckers.
And this here is for big motherfuckers.
-Are they registered with the state?
-State of siege.

Let me show you something else
before we go.

I just want to show you this.
This is some Wile E. Coyote Acme shit.

The reason I got this is because
every time I watch them cartoons...

this shit be blowing motherfuckers up.
So, I figured I should use it.

The first thing you gotta do
is put this piece of paper in here...

to keep the hole tight,
because nobody likes a sloppy hole.

You'd be slipping out
if you don't have that in there.

That pisses everybody off,
especially the ladies.

Careful, the ladies especially like this one.
The average motherfucker can't do this.