Forrest Gump

Hello. My name's
Forrest--Forrest Gump.

Do you want a chocolate?
I could eat about a million
and a halfofthese.

My mama always said
Iife was like
a box of chocolates.

You never know what
you're going to get.

Those must be
comfortable shoes.

I bet you could walk all day
in shoes like that

and not feel a thing.
I wish I had shoes like that.
My feet hurt .
Mama always said
there's an awful lot

you can tell about
a person by their shoes.

Where they're going,
where they've been.
I've worn lots ofshoes.
I bet if I think
about it real hard

I could remember
my fi rst pair ofshoes.

Mama said they'd
take me anywhere .

Shesaid th ey was my magic shoes.

All right, Forrest,
Open your eyes now .

Let's take a little walk around.
How do those feel?
His legs are strong,
Mrs. Gump,