Forrest Gump

Mama always said
there's an awful lot

you can tell about
a person by their shoes.

Where they're going,
where they've been.
I've worn lots ofshoes.
I bet if I think
about it real hard

I could remember
my fi rst pair ofshoes.

Mama said they'd
take me anywhere .

Shesaid th ey was my magic shoes.

All right, Forrest,
Open your eyes now .

Let's take a little walk around.
How do those feel?
His legs are strong,
Mrs. Gump,

as strong as I've ever seen.
But his back's as
crooked as a politician.

But we're going to straighten him
right up, aren't we, Forrest?

Now, when I was a baby,
Mama named me after
the great Civil War hero

General Nathan Bedford Forrest.
General Nathan Bedford Forrest.
She said we was related
to him in some way.

What he did was,
hetarted up this club
called the Ku Klux Klan.

They'd all dress up in their robes
and th eirbed sheets

and act like a bunch
of ghosts or spooks or something.

They'd even put bed sheets
on their horses and ride around.

And, anyway, that'show
I got my name-- Forrest Gump.

Mama said the Forrest part
was to remind me

that sometimes we all
do things that, well,

that just don't make no sense.
This way. Hold on. Ugh!