Don't worry.
I will give him his natural colour.

Good, I am leaving.
I see you like women.
I wish I had met you.
You would have fallen in love with me.

And I would have definitely fallen in love with you.
You can not imagine
what I've been through, Ramon.

All the crazy people want me.
And I fall in love with them, because that's how I am.
If they have a good soul and a nice "tool"
I fall in love with them.

Your stepfather is a fine type too
He is weird though.

Very strange,
but in bed he is really the best.

Today he called me
and I thought we were going to have sex.

And now I am doing makeup on a dead guy
but never mind because I like you.

I just want to know
if I am going to have sex today or not.

I don't see you having a funeral here.
Where is the family?

I don't see a funeral aura.
These are too American...
He is warm!
-What is going on?
-He blushed.

-This isn't possible.
-He is allergic to makeup.

-Dead people don't have allergies.
-I swear he changed color.

-Do you see his color?
-It's because of the make up.

I just did this spot.