-How are you doing?
-Fine, you?

Let me help you.
-What have you been doing all this time?
-I had some business.

Can you lend me some money?
I don't even have for the hotel

I could stay in the Gioukali Villa,
but I need a car.

The villa is a mess.
I will give you money

I will give it back.
-What are you doing in Madrid?
-I'll work, what else?

I will write a novel
about Latin America.

How is your heart?
Are you taking it slow?

-I am fine.
-I am glad.

-I am sorry I'm late
-What happened?

You are amazing.
I have no worries. That's why I look like this.
A woman shot herself
because they denied her of a loan.

A court member of Seville
is accused of embezzlements.

Huana T. was a victim
of sexual harassment.

A famous politician kills
his wife and then kills himself.

They had an argument
about their daughterÂ’s grades.

His neighbors said he was
a great man.

A young girl-rapist
committed suicide in prison

out of shame because he had been raped in jail.