-I am fine.
-I am glad.

-I am sorry I'm late
-What happened?

You are amazing.
I have no worries. That's why I look like this.
A woman shot herself
because they denied her of a loan.

A court member of Seville
is accused of embezzlements.

Huana T. was a victim
of sexual harassment.

A famous politician kills
his wife and then kills himself.

They had an argument
about their daughter’s grades.

His neighbors said he was
a great man.

A young girl-rapist
committed suicide in prison

out of shame because he had been raped in jail.
Mogia was convicted
for prostitution of mentally handicapped people.

Five anarchists killed two people from Morocco
and one form Dominica.

A porno gang was arrested today
at the children's care station,» Prosperity"

They were forcing six year olds to film
Hard-core porn.

The police is searching for the child killer X. Garthia
also known as Portuguese.

Good evening Ladies and Gentlemen.
With you ms A Scarred.

Presenting you the “Worst of the day”.
Now I would like to show you
some footage I like.

Be careful though cause they can upset sensitive people,
if any still exist.

Why did your daughter kill herself?