without you realizing it,
they have grown long again.

I don't think you can describe better
the passion to kill someone.

But these are said by a woman.
All women
take care of themselves.

You are right.
You shouldn't delay any further.
You have to finish it.

We have to translate it.
I promise I will work hard in
the cottage house.

Are they real facts?
They are cases that haven't been solved.
Their only common element
is the lack of motive.

I bet it's not the same killer.
I wrote it this way.

-I wanted it to be interesting.
-It's an amazing story.

Today a gorgeous woman
came by asking about you.

-You should know her.
-She came later by my house.

You should be more discrete
and not give my home address.

She was beautiful and I thought that you would like her.
If I want to find a woman I can do it on my own.
-I am sorry. Did she give you a hard time?
-No but it took me an hour to get rid of her.

He took advantage of the opportunity to escape.
-Who are you and what do you want?
-It's me, Pablo.

I escaped.
-Why did you come here?
-You are my sister, aren't you?