-You should know her.
-She came later by my house.

You should be more discrete
and not give my home address.

She was beautiful and I thought that you would like her.
If I want to find a woman I can do it on my own.
-I am sorry. Did she give you a hard time?
-No but it took me an hour to get rid of her.

He took advantage of the opportunity to escape.
-Who are you and what do you want?
-It's me, Pablo.

I escaped.
-Why did you come here?
-You are my sister, aren't you?

I told you not to escape.
I can't stand the prison.
-And what do you want from me?
-Can I stay with you?

Are you mad? They will turn us in
to the police.

Give me some money.
I haven’t got any more.
Steal something.
-The chair?
-What would you do with it?

You told me to.
Don't be stupid.
Gag me and tie me to the office.

Take whatever you can.
There is a VCR, and cameras.

-What did I just tell you?
-To steal something.

From the studio on the right! Stupid!
Put them in this bag
I will send them later.

You will go to our cousin.
She will hide you for a few days.