Do you want me to drive you somewhere with my bike?
Quickly, give me the keys!
-How could you let him go?
-We thought that he would kill himself.

You are not getting paid to think,
but to be sure.

-Who called you?
-I called myself. If I would wait for you...

I thought it was a prank.
-How did you know?
-A voyeur called in.

-What was Paul doing upstairs?
-Nothing. He was raping a woman.

So that's nothing for you? You pig?
This girl could need me.
So you open the door to a disguised man
and you can't describe him.

Then you are in the kitchen.
What happened from the door till the kitchen?
I suppose he was dragging me.By the hair!
-Your hair looks intact.
-I was unconscious.

-What a pleasant surprise!
-Where is the victim?

-In the bathroom.
-Who are you?

The maid.
Find me the motorbike and Paul alive!
-Did he rape you?
-He hit me and I fainted.

-She is hiding something.
-You have scars.

-He tied me up and gagged me.
-We will talk later doll.

Mustard color.
Light brown.

-Where is the bathroom?
-There. Shall I take you?