So you open the door to a disguised man
and you can't describe him.

Then you are in the kitchen.
What happened from the door till the kitchen?
I suppose he was dragging me.By the hair!
-Your hair looks intact.
-I was unconscious.

-What a pleasant surprise!
-Where is the victim?

-In the bathroom.
-Who are you?

The maid.
Find me the motorbike and Paul alive!
-Did he rape you?
-He hit me and I fainted.

-She is hiding something.
-You have scars.

-He tied me up and gagged me.
-We will talk later doll.

Mustard color.
Light brown.

-Where is the bathroom?
-There. Shall I take you?

What are you doing here?
My job. We were told you were raped.
How can I not mind?
Show the lady out, constable.

You hurt, I am sorry.
As a psychologist I may be able to help
so tell me.

If she doesn't leave I am going to sue you
for trespassing on private property.

-You are being unfair. He just saved you.
-That's true.

-Don't be like that.
-You are intolerable.

Leave us alone.