Lightning Jack

With a heart so brave and true
-And he laid--
-Honey, if you're gonna sing like that--

With eyes of heaven's own blue
Your sweetheart waits for you, Jack
Your sweetheart waits for you
Out on the lonely prairie--
Darned if you ain't
the quietest man I ever met.

You ain't said more than two
or three words in almost an hour.

Mind you, I am not one
to complain about such things.

Most men will just interrupt a person
or talk right on over the top of you.

But not you, sweetie.
You are a rare gentleman, Ben.

Now, don't you want
to say something sweet about me?

Then go right on ahead, darlin'.
You can't talk?
Is there any other part of you
that doesn't work proper?

So you mean to say no matter what...
different things
we find ourselves getting up to...

you couldn't tell nobody, could you?
Now isn't that a real shame?
New York.
We'll go to New York City.

I reckon people there
got culture comin' out of their ears.

Well, one last job. I need
a couple of weeks to get Ben ready.