Love Affair

Single dad, real estate.
Single dad, lawyer.
You don't care.
I know.
- I do.
- It's 10:00.

Everybody, come to the middle!
Say hello to someone new.
This is her first day.
Remember yours?

Say hello to Terry!
You're in. Let's go.
Hey! Don't you get a
special nostalgic rush...

...every time you eat at Chasen's?
First it's Ron and Nancy, then...
Two more bowls of borscht.
Want some?

Give me a couple more bowls.
I could eat 100 of those.

Then it's Sid Caesar,
next day you see...

I have something to tell you.
Hold it.
I got something more important.

Willie Mays, 1954.
You know what this is worth?
Neither do I.

It's probably gone up $10
since we've been here.

These guys get hundreds of dollars
just to sign a baseball.

They put Ernie Banks in a room
with 10,000 baseballs...

...and let him go
until his hand cramps.

- You want me to sign footballs?
- That's not what I meant.

But it's not a bad idea.
Your autograph
would sell like hotcakes.

I'm talking about something bigger.
Listen, this is huge.

Home Shopping Network.
You're not following me.
I've talked to them. They'd
give you a piece of the real estate.

Five percent on
every card, every ball...

...every jockstrap that you sell.
You'd have fun. Talk to
Mickey Mantle one day, then...