Postino, Il

Is it stiII warm?
I've got the sniffIes
this morning!

It must have been the dampness
on the boat.

I onIy have to set foot
on that boat--

Perhaps I'm aIIergic.
Even if the boat's not moving,
the dampness gets to me.

I don't know how you can
stay on it aII night...

and not catch a thing.
The minute I get on--
I've received a postcard
from America, Dad...

from Gaetano and AIfredo.
This is America
around the outside...

and this is an American car.
They say they're
going to buy one, too.

It's written here:
''We're buying one.''

But I think they're joking...
because they cost
a Ioad of money.

But they say
it's a rich country...

where there's work, a country--
And we're stiII here...
without water...
whiIe they're--
Forget it, never mind.
Listen, Mario,
you've never Iike fishing.

I've caught a chiII.
Go to America or Japan
if you want to...

but get yourseIf a job.
You're not a kid anymore.