Quiz Show

Tough question.
lt's just so oddly familiar.
[ Barry ] Would you like
some more time ?

- Whatever you can spare.
- All right.

Do you know
the name ?

Yes, l know his name.
Halleck. General H.W. Halleck.

You are our new
champion for $20,000 !

[ Audience Applauding ]
[ Barry ] Come on out, Herb.
Come on out, Professor.

Wasn't that somethin',
folks ? Huh ?

You feelin' all right ?
Very good. Perhaps we can get
an ice pack out here for the professor.

l suspect his gray matter
is red-hot.

l wonder if
he's married.

Our congratulations for a wonderful
victory. Professor Charles Van Doren.

l am constantly amazed at the facts
these guys have at their fingertips.

- Tough questions tonight.
- Uh, yeah. Oh, well, not really.

Wow, you were fantastic. Hey, you
better unlist your phone number.

Can you believe the pressure ?
Look at him; he's soakin' wet.

- ls this guy a natural or what ?
Jesus !
- He's a natural.

- Do you think he's
involved with anyone ?
- l don't know.

l'm gonna miss ya, Herb. You know, l'm
really gonna miss this guy.

- Hey, Dan, listen, that guy is
really terrific.
- Oh, hi.

- We could easily beat out
l Love Lucy with him.
- l know we can.

Let's get a photo here.
Oh, George. Here we go.

Charles Van Doren. Miles Bronfman,
an executive here at the network.

- Oh, there we go.
- So what do you think, Charlie ?
You excited ?

- Professor, can l interrupt you ?
- Charlie, l just wanted to--

- My son was in your father's class.
Says he's a saint.
- Oh, really ?

Charlie, l want you to meet
Bill Henderson. He promotes the show.

- Congratulations.
Sensational. Just sensational.
- Thank you.

Now we have a clean-cut intellectual
instead of a freak with a sponge memory.