Quiz Show

Mr. Enright
will see you now.

Have a seat, Herb.
Thanks for comin' up.
l feel we have some unfinished
business we need to hash out.

l have some unfinished
business with you too.

This whole thing with the grand jury
and the things you said,

well, they hurt me.
l can't tell you how--
Well, they hurt me deeply.

- l told the truth.
- There you go again.

You promised me, Dan.
Y-You promised that you'd help me out.

Don't you think that l want to help you
more than l already have ?

- But the point is,
you've made it impossible.
- Look, you want me to apologize ?

- l want you to sign this statement.
- l apologize.

- What kind of statement ?
- lt clears me and the show
of any wrongdoing.

- What about the panel show ?
- See ? That's a perfect example.

l told you l'd do what l could,
and l did. l put your name on a list.

You put me on a list ?
That's it ?

NBC owns our company.
Everything goes through them.

NBC bought your company for
two million bucks. What about me ?

People watched me on that show. Look.
Look. Look at this.

- Oh, Herb, don't start--
- ''He has become a friend
in over 50 million homes,

whose weekly visits the whole family
eagerly anticipates.''

- l was a friend, too,
in 50 million homes.
- Look, what can l tell you, Herb ?

- Life is unfair.
- Life is unfair to me.

Life's not unfair
to Charles Van Doren.

Remember how he snubbed me
after the show ?

- There'll be other shows.
- What other shows ?
l need the money, Dan.

Wha-- What ?
How could you need the money ?

lt's gone. l mean it's invested.
lt's tied up. lt's--

- Well, can't you talk to your broker ?
- He's not a broker.

He's more of a bookmaker.
lt's seed money.

He's setting up in Florida right now.
He says it's the next growth area.

You gave your money
to a bookie who skipped town ?

l-l want what l have coming, Dan.
l have to get back on television.

-Herb, l'm gonna--
-Show me this list. Where's this list ?

[ Sighs ]
l submitted a list of 45 names.

They rejected three.
You were one of them.