Quiz Show

We're gonna put television
on trial. Television.

Everybody in the country'll
know about it.

- What do you have ?
- There's somethin' there.

Mr. Chairman,
l'll find it.

The networks,
pharmaceutical industry ?

Cosmetics ?
[ Chuckling ]

That's big game, son.
You don't go huntin' in your underwear.

Sir, l smell somethin'. At least give
me a chance to see what l can dig up.

Let me go up to New York.
[ Lishman ] Ya know, this isn't
some junket for you to stay in
a hotel and see a Broadway show.

l'm givin' you exactly one week to
find something. You get that ?

Unseal a presentment.
l don't know.

l don't know how you go about that.
l've never--

Oh, here you go.
Look at this.

Hasn't been a presentment under seal
in the State of New York since 1869.

That explains it.
- 1869 ?
- Yeah.

Counselor, l've reviewed in detail
the material submitted in your request.

A man's reputation
is coin of the realm to him.

l sealed this presentment...
to protect the reputations
of those unfairly implicated...

by a certain mentally
unstable finger-pointer.

That interest, along with
important issues of federalism,

dictate that l reject your committee's
request at this time.

[ Phone Ringing ]
Mr. Enright's office.
Mr. Enright ?

lt's Judge Schweitzer.
- Yes ?
- Hi. Miss Mitchell ?

- Uh-huh.
- My name is Richard Goodwin.

l'm with the Congressional Subcommittee
on Legislative Oversight.

We've been investigating
the quiz shows recently.

- Uh, l was wondering if l could
ask you a quick question.
- Oh ! l've got people.