Quiz Show

Most people who live in Washington
settle for the Washington papers.

[ Goodwin ] Well, the Times
is the paper of record.

- Ahh.
- Ooh.

Dick hopes someday to be confused
with an important person.

''Although the crowd was cordoned off
at a distance of a hundred yards,

an unidentified Venezuelan struck Nixon
in the head with a thrown onion.''

- Ow !
- The Senators should sign this guy.

Did you guys know there was a grand jury
in New York on the quiz shows ?

Jim Lemon can't even hit
the cutoff man. This guy throws
a 300-foot strike with an onion.

- Have they come up with anything ?
- They sealed the presentment.

- That's a no.
- Why do you say that ?

A presentment's
a statement of findings.

lf there were anything in it,
they'd want to release it
to the public, right ?

lf the purpose is to make findings
public, then why keep it a secret ?

[ Goodwin ] Why seal the presentment ?
lt's illogical.

- lt's a local matter.
- lt's television.

Whoa. TV.
lt's under our jurisdiction,
right ? l mean, we have
oversight over all the agencies.

- lt includes the F.C.C.
- You're gonna investigate
a dead investigation ?

We're gonna put television
on trial. Television.

Everybody in the country'll
know about it.

- What do you have ?
- There's somethin' there.

Mr. Chairman,
l'll find it.

The networks,
pharmaceutical industry ?

Cosmetics ?
[ Chuckling ]

That's big game, son.
You don't go huntin' in your underwear.

Sir, l smell somethin'. At least give
me a chance to see what l can dig up.

Let me go up to New York.
[ Lishman ] Ya know, this isn't
some junket for you to stay in
a hotel and see a Broadway show.

l'm givin' you exactly one week to
find something. You get that ?

Unseal a presentment.
l don't know.

l don't know how you go about that.
l've never--

Oh, here you go.
Look at this.

Hasn't been a presentment under seal
in the State of New York since 1869.

That explains it.
- 1869 ?
- Yeah.