Quiz Show

So, how long have you been
with this committee, Dick ?

Six months. Seemed like a good way
to postpone the inevitable.

Postpone the inevitable.
ls there a spot for me ?

l mean Wall Street.
- Oh.
- [ Chuckles ]

So, back to this, uh,
grand jury business.

- l'm wondering--
- Oh.

- Dad !
- Charlie.

Excuse me, Frank.
This is a surprise.
How are you, son ? We share an office,
and l never see you anymore.

Oh, l'm there, Dad.
l'm just hiding behind your reputation.

[ Mr. Van Doren ] No, l'm serious.
We all miss you at home.

Please, join us. Dad, this is
Dick Goodwin. He's up from Washington.

- Narrow escape.
- Dad doesn't like Washington.

A swamp that traded
malaria for politics.

- What's the special ?
- lt's the Reuben.

Reuben sandwich is the only
entirely invented sandwich.

Won the National Sandwich
Contest two years ago.

- A salient point. Who invented it ?
- Uh, Reuben Kay.

- At a poker game in Omaha.
- l knew there was a ''k'' in Nebraska.

Unfortunately, they have
the sandwich here, but they
don't seem to have any Reubens.

- Touche.
- Dick's a protege of Clark Byse.

l just finished a clerkship
with Justice Frankfurter.

Of course you did.
Frankfurter collects brains
the way other people collect stamps.

Uh, did you happen to see
the show Monday, Dad ?

Monday. Uh, we were
with Bunny Wilson.

Oh, no, it's nothing. Just there
was a question about Hawthorne.

Oh, well, you know how it is
with Bunny once he gets going.

So, Dick, Charlie invite you
to his poker game yet ?
He's a helluva poker player.

W-We have a regular game
Thursday nights, just some
friends l went to school with.

- You're welcome to come over next week.
- Are you a gambler, Dick ?

l don't know if l'm a gambler.
l know which end of an ace is up.

Well, Dick, if you look round the table
and you can't tell who the sucker is,

it's you.
Yeah, Dan Enright,