Quiz Show

- A salient point. Who invented it ?
- Uh, Reuben Kay.

- At a poker game in Omaha.
- l knew there was a ''k'' in Nebraska.

Unfortunately, they have
the sandwich here, but they
don't seem to have any Reubens.

- Touche.
- Dick's a protege of Clark Byse.

l just finished a clerkship
with Justice Frankfurter.

Of course you did.
Frankfurter collects brains
the way other people collect stamps.

Uh, did you happen to see
the show Monday, Dad ?

Monday. Uh, we were
with Bunny Wilson.

Oh, no, it's nothing. Just there
was a question about Hawthorne.

Oh, well, you know how it is
with Bunny once he gets going.

So, Dick, Charlie invite you
to his poker game yet ?
He's a helluva poker player.

W-We have a regular game
Thursday nights, just some
friends l went to school with.

- You're welcome to come over next week.
- Are you a gambler, Dick ?

l don't know if l'm a gambler.
l know which end of an ace is up.

Well, Dick, if you look round the table
and you can't tell who the sucker is,

it's you.
Yeah, Dan Enright,

Uh, Dick Goodwin.
Uh, no. Actually,
l'll just call back. Thanks.

''Name the three heavyweight
champions who preceded Joe Louis.''

Oh, l know that.
Uh, Jim Braddock.

- Mm-hmm.
- Max Baer.

- Damn.
- Primo Carnera.

- Primo Carnera. Of course.
- Yeah, good old Primo.

- l was there that night at the Garden,
the night Baer beat him. Yeah.
- Really ?

The big guinea.
Twelve times Baer knocked him down.

Al, l've been thinking. Maybe you
shouldn't give me the answers anymore.

Now what do you wanna
do that for, Professor ?

Charlie, you're doin'
the right thing, really.

- Everybody's makin' money.
- Well, what if you just
gave me the questions...

and l could look up
the answers on my own ?

l mean, don't you think that'd be--
Well, be less egregious.

[ Bob Barker ] Only in the balcony.
You know
about that.