Reality Bites

The answer is...
I don't know.
Good save, Lelaina.
I'm not a valedictorian,
but I play one on TV.

We all know you slept your way
to the podium.

My favorite part about
graduating now would be...

dodging my student-loan officer
for the rest of my life.

He will be in cahoots...
with the Columbia
Record and Tape Company guy...

who's been after my ass
for years.

Troy Dyer, I brought you back
a souvenir.

You know, you can still go back
next year and graduate...

still get your BF.A.
Oh, can I? And then I can hang
this on my rearview mirror...

to brag to all my good buddies
back home that I graduated.

Well, I through
with the whole life drama.

Well, I know
this sounds cornball...

but I'd like to somehow make
a difference in people's lives.

And I... I would like
to buy them all a Coke.

And you wonder
why we never got involved.

Three words... November sixteenth

Oh, totally drunk
and out of my mind!

It would have been
a poetic experience...

if I weren't such a gentleman,
which I am.

Just let it go, Dyer.
Surrender the fantasy.

Hey, Sammy,
what's your goal?

My goal is to...
Like a career or something.
Lainie, I think the moment
has been appropriately captured.

Would you please take your face
out of the camera?

Come on.
It's for my documentary.