Slaughter of the Innocents

- Come on. Let's check it out.
- Okay.

That's really scary.
What's scary, Jesse?
Well, the killer wasn't
running when he came outta the store.

See, if you run, your footprints
are deeper in the toe than in the heel.

But these are level.
He wasn't even worried.

And if I killed someone...
I mean, I'd never kill someone...

but if I did,
I'd be really scared and I'd run away.

- That's pretty good, Jess.
- That's pretty scary.

Oh, geez. The killer
walked out of here.

Okay, Jesse, what'd we learn?
The killer's
six feet two inches tall, straggly...

Provo Canyon, Timberlake,
Lou's General Store.

- Good.
- Based on the sage he crushed at Timberlake...

Quantico estimated
he weighs 205 pounds.

He's right-handed...
wounds inflicted...

Provo Canyon, Timberlake, Lou's.
He's never been arrested.
I did a fingerprint search...

through the F.B.I. Computer
at Quantico.

He's blood type "B"... saliva and wounds,
Provo Canyon autopsy.

He's very strong...
Lou's General Store.

And he hasn't been
to a dentist in a long time...

- bite marks, Timberlake autopsy.
- That's great.

- All right. What did we learn from Lou's parking lot?
- Lou's parking lot.

- Yeah.
- He drives a VWvan that's a '67 at the latest.

Its tires are worn,
and it pulls to the right.

Its oil needs to be changed,
and he still has the same pair of sandals...

- he had five years ago.
- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah.
- How do we know it's not a '68?

From the outline the muffler made
in the mud as it cooled off under the van.