Slaughter of the Innocents

Okay, Jesse, what'd we learn?
The killer's
six feet two inches tall, straggly...

Provo Canyon, Timberlake,
Lou's General Store.

- Good.
- Based on the sage he crushed at Timberlake...

Quantico estimated
he weighs 205 pounds.

He's right-handed...
wounds inflicted...

Provo Canyon, Timberlake, Lou's.
He's never been arrested.
I did a fingerprint search...

through the F.B.I. Computer
at Quantico.

He's blood type "B"... saliva and wounds,
Provo Canyon autopsy.

He's very strong...
Lou's General Store.

And he hasn't been
to a dentist in a long time...

- bite marks, Timberlake autopsy.
- That's great.

- All right. What did we learn from Lou's parking lot?
- Lou's parking lot.

- Yeah.
- He drives a VWvan that's a '67 at the latest.

Its tires are worn,
and it pulls to the right.

Its oil needs to be changed,
and he still has the same pair of sandals...

- he had five years ago.
- Oh, yeah?

- Yeah.
- How do we know it's not a '68?

From the outline the muffler made
in the mud as it cooled off under the van.

There's no catalytic converter.