Surviving the Game

hunting would be good therapy
for us when we retired.

Let me get this straight.
You kill animals,
and that`s therapy?

-lt works.
-Hey, it works for me.

That`s the stupidest shit
l ever heard...

but it`s cool.
lt`s your thing.

Take your time.
Enjoy yourselves.

l am.
Life`s true pleasures
are so unpredictable.

l say, cherish the moment...
for what it is.
Observe your food...
smell it...
touch it...
put your mind into it...
and then when
you`re finally ready...

consume it...slowly.
You do it your way,
l`ll do it mine.

How in the hell...
did you become
such a ter-fucking-rific chef?

We don`t believe
in the average processed food.

We hand-pick carefully.
Cole`s the real expert.
There`s a poem.
Yeats wrote it.
Could you tell that this meat
would be this glorious...

while the boar
was still breathing?

l was pretty sure about it.
Well done.
How could you tell?
Well, it takes
some experience, but...

you learn what to look for.
You consider the, uh...
the animal`s age...
what condition it`s in...
its hair...
lts musculature...
how it was raised.
You can pretty much tell.
What do you think?
lt`s all right.
l like this.