Surviving the Game

We don`t believe
in the average processed food.

We hand-pick carefully.
Cole`s the real expert.
There`s a poem.
Yeats wrote it.
Could you tell that this meat
would be this glorious...

while the boar
was still breathing?

l was pretty sure about it.
Well done.
How could you tell?
Well, it takes
some experience, but...

you learn what to look for.
You consider the, uh...
the animal`s age...
what condition it`s in...
its hair...
lts musculature...
how it was raised.
You can pretty much tell.
What do you think?
lt`s all right.
l like this.

Four-fifty a bottle.
$4.50? l should`ve been drinking
this shit a long time ago.

Four hundred and fifty dollars.
Don`t waste it.
l could live off that
for three months.

Well, you don`t want to drink
too much, anyway...

`cause you don`t want
to be slow tomorrow.

No, indeed.
You`re missing the best part,
Mr. Mason.

When you`re eating the flesh
from the pig...

look into his little beady eyes.
That way,
you will be devouring his soul.

Sometimes you even scare me.