Surviving the Game

Four-fifty a bottle.
$4.50? l should`ve been drinking
this shit a long time ago.

Four hundred and fifty dollars.
Don`t waste it.
l could live off that
for three months.

Well, you don`t want to drink
too much, anyway...

`cause you don`t want
to be slow tomorrow.

No, indeed.
You`re missing the best part,
Mr. Mason.

When you`re eating the flesh
from the pig...

look into his little beady eyes.
That way,
you will be devouring his soul.

Sometimes you even scare me.
Have a cigar, kid.
l want you to tell me...
where this came from.
Are you ready?
Hey, can l bum a cigarette
off you?

Take the whole pack.
l just want one.
l`m offering you
more than just one.

l only want one.
Well, then the rest
are going to go to waste.

Look here.
lf you got something
to say to me, just say it.

Where you from?
All over.
How old are you?
Thirty-two. lf you want to know
my pants size, ask him.

Come on, Mason. He`s only tying
to get to know you.

l don`t like people
getting in my personal shit.

He`s been looking at me all day.