Surviving the Game

Have a cigar, kid.
l want you to tell me...
where this came from.
Are you ready?
Hey, can l bum a cigarette
off you?

Take the whole pack.
l just want one.
l`m offering you
more than just one.

l only want one.
Well, then the rest
are going to go to waste.

Look here.
lf you got something
to say to me, just say it.

Where you from?
All over.
How old are you?
Thirty-two. lf you want to know
my pants size, ask him.

Come on, Mason. He`s only tying
to get to know you.

l don`t like people
getting in my personal shit.

He`s been looking at me all day.
Mr. Mason,
have you ever killed anything?

-My wife and kids.

-You sack of shit!
-John! John!

-You son of a bitch.
-Take it outside.

You`re fucking mine tomorrow,
you sack of shit!

What`s up with that dude?
He lost his daughter
a couple of months ago.

You didn`t kill your family,
did you?

How did that make you feel?
l came in my fucking pants.
l know more about you
than you think, Mason.

You probably do...
but l don`t know shit about you.
Ask me anything you want.