Terminal Velocity

Listen, Chris,
I'm a little shorthanded today.

The good news is I can squeeze you in
first thing Friday morning.

- How's that sound?
- Hey, Ditch, if you're grounded,
maybe I could--

Hello, Tom. Bye, Tom.
Hey, guys, it's me, all right?

- Ditch?
- You don't want Tom.

- Why not?
- Because you want the best,
and you're already talkin' to him.

- How does Friday sound?
- Right. Um--

I don't know.

You see, it took me a while to work up
the nerve to just drive here,

and I think if I don't
do it today, right now,

I'm afraid I may
never come back.

Um, no.
[ Muttering ]
Oh, boy.

- Okay.
- Y eah?

- Y eah.
- Oh, my God!

Now, first lesson,
I usually recommend a tandem jump.

- Which is?
- We go out of the plane together.

I hang onto you the entire way down.
It's a nice, safe, secure feeling.

Like that?

Unless you prefer
to be on top.

No. No.
Um, someone mentioned
a static line.

- C-Could we try that or--
- Yeah, it's an option.

- That's safe, right?
- Yeah.

- So we're on.
- This is good. I'm excited.

- Oh, God.
- I mean, I'm excited.

- Oh, really? Okay.
- Let's sign you up, all right?

- Break.
- You dip your right shoulder,
then move to the right.

Your other right.
There you go.

Dip your left shoulder
and move to the left. Feel that?

Stay in the middle,
you're flyin' stable. How's that feel?

[ Laughing ]
I don't know. I'm not very athletic.

It's not too late
to switch to tandem.

Oh, we'll stick with this,
as long as it's safe, I mean.

Very safe. Let's get you out of
the harness and go find you a jumpsuit.