Waga jinsei saiaku no toki

I've decided to forget the past.
People should look to the future.
That's what Kanno always says.
True. Good point.
We have new lives, thanks to him.
So if we see him, we contact you.
Then we get Y5000.
Yes, you will.
I went to the mah-jongg
place the other day.

He got fired, that Chinese guy.
He what?
Because of the other day?

Nope. Got caught in the register.
Wouldn't have thought
he was the type.

Can't always tell by looks, you know.
It's Nakayama!
Yo, bro, buy me some coffee?
Find that Taiwan guy yet?
Bet not.

You saying you have?
Taiwan, Hong Kong--
it's no end of trouble.

They're over here
killing each other left and right.

Your point being?
Don't play dumb, you son of a bitch!
Sniffin' around like this...
What the hell you up to?
Get it straight-- the ones chasin'
the dogs here are the cops.

What the hell we need a stray
like you for?

It's gonna be 1 0 years this time,
you read me?