Waga jinsei saiaku no toki

Yo, bro, buy me some coffee?
Find that Taiwan guy yet?
Bet not.

You saying you have?
Taiwan, Hong Kong--
it's no end of trouble.

They're over here
killing each other left and right.

Your point being?
Don't play dumb, you son of a bitch!
Sniffin' around like this...
What the hell you up to?
Get it straight-- the ones chasin'
the dogs here are the cops.

What the hell we need a stray
like you for?

It's gonna be 1 0 years this time,
you read me?

If you do hear something, though,
gimme a call, huh?

What Nakayama meant by "dog"...
was probably "Black Dog Gang."
This is risky stuff.
We just look, right?

This "Black Dog Gang"...
is a new yakuza group...
made up of naturalized foreigners.
Their leader "Kanno"
seems to be an ex-Korean.

They call themselves "The New Japs"...