Waga jinsei saiaku no toki

What is it, Maiku?
- So, quit your job, huh?
- Yes.

That was the only place
I knew to find you.

If I'd have found your brother...
If I can't contact you,
I can't do my job.

You find him?
- No, uh, not yet.
- I see.

Actually, I'd like to
ask you about him.

How'd you like to go... you know.
- This?
- That.

- You buyin', Iwasaki?
- Who else?

A Taiwanese toast.
One more, one more.
You're too good to me.
Business must be good, huh?
Taiwanese toast!
So, Yang...
tell me more about your brother.
My brother?
He very good, very strong.
All I know, I learn from him.
Any other family?
Nope. Always just brother and me.
Know how you feel.
It's just me and my sister, too.
Mother, father, what about them?
Oh? Too bad.
Same as you, Yang.
No, not same.
My father, mother, still alive.
You just said it's the two of you.
Father, mother, they abandon us.
They can't help it, though.
To be poor is hard.
Let's have another Taiwanese toast.