Waga jinsei saiaku no toki

- You okay?
- Hama, I am so damn sick of this!

Don't talk like that. We're old pals
from reform school, aren't we?

Tell me one thing: Why are you so taken
with that Taiwan guy anyway?

Maybe 'cause there's
something about him?

What the hell's this?
I told you not to steal anything!

Oh, you mean that?
It's, uh, for my collection.

In this line of work,
you kinda need a hobby, you know?

I'll hold it for you.
Oh, no. You--
Aw, hell!
Found your brother.
Tell me!
I want to see him!

Better you don't see him for now.
He's, uh, kinda mixed up
in some trouble.

Don't worry, though.
I'll make sure you two meet up.
Just wait a bit longer.
Okay, Maiku! I trust you.
Why'd you hire a private eye?
Don't trust me?
It's not what you think.
I wanted him to have some money.