Yangguang Canlan de Rizi

Monkey seems a bit different today.
He's talking all poetic.
Stop scaring us like that.
Didn't he say he wanted
to ascend the heights?

This isn't a "height"!
Isn't there anyplace
higher in this compound?

Yes, the smokestack over there.
That's a height!
Yang Gao, don't stir him up.
Unless you want to try.
You go and we'll watch.
I didn't say I wanted
to ascend the heights.

Has anyway ever climbed to the top?
I have!
You're really something!
Show us!
Forget it.
Come on, show her!
We'll give you two packs of cigarettes.
Get lost. Just two?
Plus two packs of filters.
There were four last time.
But I've been up there before.
A here doesn't bring up past glories.
Don't rest on your laurels,
make new contributions!

Why don't you do us?
How about
this --

four packs of filtertips,
plus two of Cathay.
Your serious?
Ma xiaojun!......
He's really going to do it!
No way. He doesn't know
how to get up there.

Rolls of barbed wire
are blocking the ladder.

He's just trying to
scare us. Don't worry.

He'll be back in no time.
There he is!
Vasily! Vasily! Ha Ha!
Get down from there, now!
Don't be stupid! Monkey!
Get down from there, now!
Here's another!
Come down, Monkey!
You mad?
We're all excellent shots
and each bullet takes down an enemy.