A Little Princess

... who had been banished
to the enchanted forest...

...by his jealous stepmother,
Queen Kaikeyi.

One day...
...Princess Sita saw a wounded deer
in the woods...

...and she begged Rama
to go and help it.

Rama drew a circle in the ground
and said to her:

''This is a magic circle.
So long as you stay inside it...
...no harm can come to you. ''
That night,
the princess heard a horrible cry.

Help me.
Thinking it was her beloved Rama
in danger...

... the princess ran from the circle
to answer the cry.

She soon came across
an old beggar man.

Although she had no money
to give him...

...she could not refuse his plea.
As soon as he had the bracelet...
. . .he transformed into the
1 0-headed demon, Ravana.

He grabs her and takes her
to his palace. . .

. . .to make her his bride.
Did you ever know
a real prince, Maya?

Laki's father.
-l thought he was in the army.
-He was.

And he was my prince.
And l, his princess.
But l mean real princes
and princesses.

All women are princesses.
lt is our right.