A Little Princess

The party is over! Everyone
go to their rooms, this instant!

But we--
Sara, you will stay behind.
l have something to tell you.
Amelia, go to Sara's room
and find a simple black dress.

lf nothing is suitable, borrow one.
-But, sister--
-Do as l say.

Why would l need a black dress,
Miss Minchin?

l'm afraid l have some bad news, Sara.
Your father has. . . .
Your father--
lt's been discovered that
your father has died.

He was killed in battle
several weeks ago.

l'm sorry.
That's the situation, and
there's nothing we can do to change it.

The British government has seized
control of his company and assets. . .

. . .leaving you penniless,
without any money.

Since you've no relations,
this puts me in a terrible position.

What are you staring at?
Don't you understand
what l'm saying?