Apollo 13

the white area there?
That's the Sea of Tranquility...
and your mountain's right there
on the edge of that.

It's your mountain.
Your mountain, Marilyn. Mount Marilyn.

I don't see it.
Well, you gotta look harder.
You'-'- You'-'- You look harder...
'- Jim.
'- while I'-'-

Down a crowded avenue
The astronaut is only
the most visible member...

of a very large team, and all of us
down to the guy sweeping the floor...

are honored to be a part of it.
What did the man say? "Give me a lever
long enough and I'll move the world"?

That's what we're doing here.
This is divine inspiration.

It's the best part of each one of us,
the belief that anything is possible.

Things like a computer
that can fit into a single room...

and hold millions of pieces
of information...

or the Saturn 5 rocket.
This is the actual launch vehicle
that will be taking Alan Shepard...

and his crew on the first leg
of the Apollo 13 mission.

When are you
going up again, Jim?

I'm slated to be the commander
of Apollo 14 sometime late next year.

If there is an Apollo 14.
Jim, people in my state have been
asking why we're continuing...

to fund this program now that we've
beaten the Russians to the moon.

Imagine if Christopher Columbus
had come back from the new world...

and no one returned
in his footsteps.

Attention, all personnel.
Clear level three.

Are there any other questions?
How do you go
to the bathroom in space?

Well, I tell you,
it's a highly technical process...

of cranking down the window and
looking for a gas station, which, uh'-'-

Oh, there's Deke Slayton.
Deke, you might be able
to answer this lady's question.

Deke is one of the original Mercury
seven astronauts, ladies and gentlemen.