Apollo 13

It just went off line.
There's another master alarm.

'- I'm checking the quad.
'- That was no repress valve.

'- Maybe it's in quad C.
I'm gonna reconfigure the R.C.S.
'- We've got a computer restart.

'- We've got a ping light.
'- The way these are firing
doesn't make sense.

We've got multiple caution and warning,
Houston. We've got to reset and restart.

I'm going to S.C.S.
Jesus. Flight, their
heart rates are skyrocketing.

'- EECOM, what's your data telling you?
'- O2 tank two not reading at all.

Tank one is at 725 psi
and falling.

Fuel cells one and three
are, uh'-'-

Oh, boy, what's going on here?
Flight, let me get back to you.

Flight, GNC.
They're all over the place.

'- They keep yawing close to gimbal lock.
'- I keep losing radio signal.

Flight, their antennae
must be flipped around.

They're gonna have to do it
manually if they do it at all.

One at a time, people.
Is this an instrumentation problem
or are we looking at real power loss?

It's reading a quadruple failure.
That can't happen.

It's got to be

Let's get the hatch buttoned.
The LEM might have been hit by a meteor.

The tunnel's really torquin'
with all this movement.

Houston, we had a pretty large bang
there associated with a master alarm.

Shit, it's main bus A.
'- Main bus A undervolt?
'- Main bus A undervolt down to'-'-

It's reading 25 and a half.
Main bus B is reading zip now.

We got a wicked shimmy up here.
These guys are talking
about bangs and shimmies.

Doesn't sound like instrumentation.
'- You are breaking up, 13.
'- Can't get this hatch to seal.

Just stow it. If we'd been hit
by a meteor, we'd be dead by now.

I'm gonna try to get us
out of this lurch.

Houston, did you say
switch to omni Bravo?

'- Roger that, Thirteen.
'- The signal strength went way down.

It's fighting me. What's the story?
We keep flirting with gimbal lock.

We need a confirmation.
What systems do you have down?

'- I'm having a hard time, Rick.
'- S.M.R.C.S. Helium one.

'- Did you say switch to omni Charlie?
'- A and C are barber pole.

Houston, I'm switching over
quad C to main A.

Roger that, Thirteen.
Okay, Houston, fuel cell one,
fuel cell three.

We got a main bus B undervolt,
cryo pressure, suit compressor.