Bad Boys

You know what?
I'm so sick of this buIIshit!
I'm supposed to apoIogize
for my famiIy Ieaving me money?!

AII I ever wanted to be was a cop!
I take it to the max every day.
I'm the first guy in and the Iast
to Ieave a crime scene.

So fuck you! And fuck them!
And fuck anybody who got
a probIem with Mike Lowrey!

-I Iove you, man.
-Fuck you, Marcus.

I do.
You're cooI, man.
-You're my partner.
-Shut up.

SIow-ass driver.
-Driving Iike a bitch.
-Why I got to be aII that?

I'II take us off this cIiff,
keep fucking with me.

Then it wouId be, what,
two bitches in the sea?

-Is that what you want?
-Shut up.

My wife know I ain't no bitch.
I'm a bad boy.
Bad boys, bad boys
What you going to do?

What you going to do
When they come foryou?

OnIy modeIs and that's aII.
Max just dropped by.
I got to go.

You want me to caII around
Iooking for the newIy rich?

Are there any new guys partying a Iot,
spending Iots of money?

This guy caIIed me today, desperate...
...Iooking for new girIs in town.
Are you avaiIabIe?

It'II be a quick $2,000.
I got pIans with JuIie.
She's your roommate, right?
Bring her.
She's cute, she's sexy.

She's not a working girI.
He's on speedbaIIs.
He probabIy can't get it up.
Maybe we'II go check it out.
CouId be the party I'm Iooking for.
A party at the BiItmore.
That'II reaIIy rock.

I owe you one.
I'II just deduct it from
the hundreds of favours I owe you.

Am I becoming a guest who won't Ieave?
No, I Iike having you Iive with me.
I'm an out-of-work photographer
who can't cook.

Not a big upside for you there.