Badkonake sefid

...a little girl like yourself?

...Or some woman like me stick here a lone.
Haven't your parents ever told you
you should never come here?

Every time when we were passing here...
...I told my parents I wanted
to watch for a little while.

But they just won't allowed.
One time, before school...

...I saw a man was watching...
...and holding his daughter
onto his shoulders.

I wanted my daddy do
the exactly same thing...

...but he said this is not a place
small children are supposed to come to.

Turned a half circle.
He kept telling me passed by here today.
I saw my mum was walking in front, then
I quit to pa y much attention after then.

I told you this is not a
place you ought to be in.

Must realize this is doing no good to you.
Never ever let me notice.
Now you know why this
is doing no good to you?

I think so.
And will you come back again?
No, but there are always
those snake-masters.

You forgot your words.
When was the last time
you saw that money?

When I passed it to Devil snake king.
You gave him the money.
You firmly sure that he gave
it back to you afterwards.

Yeah, but then he left.
Then there was another one, that
one with silver hairs gave me back.

When was the last time you saw him?
In Bakery.

The one a t the street's corner.
I stopped by, staring a t the shop window.
I was checking on those cream bread.
I put my eyes on my fish bowl before I left.
Here is the bakery I am talking about.
Where did you stop by?