Badkonake sefid

And will you come back again?
No, but there are always
those snake-masters.

You forgot your words.
When was the last time
you saw that money?

When I passed it to Devil snake king.
You gave him the money.
You firmly sure that he gave
it back to you afterwards.

Yeah, but then he left.
Then there was another one, that
one with silver hairs gave me back.

When was the last time you saw him?
In Bakery.

The one a t the street's corner.
I stopped by, staring a t the shop window.
I was checking on those cream bread.
I put my eyes on my fish bowl before I left.
Here is the bakery I am talking about.
Where did you stop by?
Come. I will show you.
It's here.
No money here.
I am positive this is the site.
You come, we carefully go
through here together now.

What if it couldn't be found?
I will go tell your mother.
It's not your fault.
Then whose fault is it going to be?
It is your fault.
But order to not ignite her fury...
...I will describe the whole thing as this way.