Badkonake sefid

My money.
Baby, I am exhausted.
Let's sit down for a while.

Let's go find Mr. Ali.
My money.

You just found it.
Let's find the shopkeeper.
Before she comes back home
for the New Year's D a y.
We have told you your
money will come back.

Now you can go buy those fish.
Let's go.
Say hello to your father.
Hello, Mr. Ali.
Good morning.

Nice to meet you.
Do us a favor?
This little girl's money
dropped into the sewer.

Could you help to go and get it?
It dropped through the sideline.
Very well.
Come, you don't need to cry.
You have already found your money.
Now you can go and buy your fish.
Ok, I have to go now.

Happy New Year!

Same to you.
You finished that shirt?
I am still working on one sleeve.

Use this first, clients are on their ways.
They are coming soon.
Will complain again.
Pick this up, too.
Hurry up.
What's the matter?
Collar is too wide.
Then this is it.

All styles are the same.
I don't want