Badkonake sefid

Could you help to go and get it?
It dropped through the sideline.
Very well.
Come, you don't need to cry.
You have already found your money.
Now you can go and buy your fish.
Ok, I have to go now.

Happy New Year!

Same to you.
You finished that shirt?
I am still working on one sleeve.

Use this first, clients are on their ways.
They are coming soon.
Will complain again.
Pick this up, too.
Hurry up.
What's the matter?
Collar is too wide.
Then this is it.

All styles are the same.
I don't want
Here is another customer's
requirements, I wrote them down.

I am strictly based on the
requirements to do the work.

Collar is certainly too wide.
I never do this.
But it is not my fault.
It is what you asked for.
Don't you be angry, I just
want it be modified a tin y bit.

You see, my face is small. Even
the shirt I am wearing...

:38:28 the one with a small collar.
I can't modify this collar, you
should just wear it the way it is.

Don't waste anymore times.
Toda y is New Year's day.

Plus I got tons of things to do.
Why must you...

:38:40 so harsh?
Not supposed to be so stubborn like this.
No, I am not.

I finished my works.
If you don't like to wear this shirt
on, that's your own business.

Son, what do you want?
What do you want?
M y money dropped down there!
And the store is closed, too.

Stay aside.
Originally, I wanted to buy a fish.